Childs Own

Inspired by the imaginations of children around the world, we create cuddly and plush Softies that are truly original" this is what Childs Own Studio do. A customised e-commerce platform that helps you place online custom orders for soft toys. You can upload your image, your pets image or any drawing create by your kids and they will turn it into a beautiful softie

Zoo Sports

Zoo Sports is a Custom Kit Creator. They have plenty of pre-existing garments type that their customers can customise as per the need. Having a look and feel of complete 3D view, they can easily change the colours of the garments, place logos, put their or team name to customise it. A custom Kit Creator Tool with complex backed structure that is only accessible to their enterprise customers

WMS app for Scanners

An enterprise android app to manage the multiple warehouses at multiple locations. Supported for almost all android scanners available, this app provides features like receiving and managing stock at a particular warehouse. Creating packaging lists and dispatch labels for the order received.


Fleeky is an e-commerce platform to sale garments and accessories. They have custom designed T-shirts, Sweatshirt, Hoodies and other accessories for Men and Women. Their speciality is custom made printed T-shirts for both men and women. You can also put custom design request on their website for T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirt and Phone cases.

Warehouse and Stock management system

A Warehouse Management System for multiple geographical location along with Stock Management module, that is also integrated with existing order management system. This system is also supported by android application that runs on android scanning devices as well as on mobile.

Shipment Booking System

A centralised software where staff or customers can book the shipments using different carriers. This software also manages rate cards for different carriers integrated within along with end-to-end shipment tracking information after POD. System also facilitates quotation management module.

Express Solutions - Export

Express solutions is a complete freight management & tracking solution specifically developed for international exporters. This system has a best cost route management module that automatically show clients the best routes and cost to send a shipment internationally.

My Plush Buddy

An ecommerce website for a toy manufacturer based out of Hong Kong and Thailand. MyPlusBuddy makes custom plush toys and the best part is they convert child’s drawing or a selfie or a photo into a soft toy. Users upload their child’s artwork to the website and put some specific details about the toy they need and based on the input company creates a high quality plush toy.

Freight Management Tradelane

Tradelane is a specific Freight Management software for exporter to manage the consignment moving from origin airport to destination airport. Along with the all document management required for shipment process it also provide end to end tracking system.