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No matter which industry your organization belongs to, logistics is an important aspect of every business. Right from surface transport to air and sea cargo, transportation and logistics help to make the transfer of goods easy and hassle-free.

Irasys is the leading provider of logistics services in India. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and team of highly-qualified professionals, we create logistics solutions with judicious use of the digital platform suited for all types of businesses. We focus on helping you to improve productivity while cutting down on considerable logistics expenses.

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Freight tracking

It is crucial to know the location of the goods being transported. In such conditions, IoT tracking can prove extremely helpful. With the help of Irasys, you can install tracking devices placed strategically in your freight carriers and you will never have to worry again about a misplaced shipment.


Blockchain implementation

Since we are the leadinglogistics service provider in India, we implement advanced blockchain technology in your logistics and transportation facilities. As a result, the passage of your goods becomes a transparent process for regular tracking as well as auditing procedures.


Automation technology

Automation of basic logistics and transportation activities such as automated vehicles and platooning considerably reduces the hassle and delay related to shipment transfer. Irasys incorporates its high-end AI and machine learning technology to bring about revolution in the logistics and transportation sector via automation.

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We understand how crucial it is for shipments of raw materials as well as finished goods to reach the desired destination safely and on time. As a result, our vision is to develop logistics solutions that can be implemented in organizations of all industries. Our team of professionals customize the technology according to your company’s needs and provide you with personalized solutions.

Solutions for all industries

Irasys is dedicated to developinglogistics services in Indiato every organization.As a result, be it a start-up, an SME or a conglomerate, we ideate and develop unique logistics solutions suited for every client.

Affordable solutions

Quality logistics and transportation services at the lowest pocket pinch is an Irasys guarantee. We craft solutions that are feasible and economical for all types of organizations.

24x7 support

We are here for you no matter what time of the day it is! Our team of experts works tirelessly to maintain, upgrade and service all logistics services that we design.