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The Most Reliable Tech Company in India

We at Irasys, the top IT development agency in India, have a brilliant team adept in all advanced technologies which are considered to be the future of Information Technology. At every step smartest gadgets and apps are being created with the help of these revolutionary technologies.

Big Data Analytics

Irasys is one of the # 1 IT companies in India providing Big Data analytics to its clients. Smart Big Data solutions are crafted to fetch information from multiple sources or platforms, and present it to the customers in the form of real-time results and meaningful insights. You can enhance customer experience by our well-defined Bid Data Analysis and strategies leveraging the full potential of online dsata which can be gathered, stored and processed.

Internet of Things

Irasys is a big name among IoT service providers in India. We cater to smart IoT development services calling for a seamless collaboration of smart devices (gadgets) with Internet technology. We work right from the initial process of industrial manufacturing with the intention to design IoT based software, mobile apps and IoT Android apps to redefine the way human communicates. Ensuresmart data transfer over a network minus human assistance.


Irasys has the finest expertise to work on premium Blockchain technology. As a top-notch blockchain development company in India, we have been rolling out global standard blockchain solutions for our clients. Our subject matter knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing makes us craft secure and risk-free apps. We help clients to link and integrate business transactions overa globally distributed ledger accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Artificial Intelligence

Irasys is a numerounoAI development company in India with premium services in designing innovative AI driven solutions to enhance user experience in the digital ecosystem. We create applications that can emulate human intelligence. Our AI algorithms are powered by Natural Language Processing, Advanced Machine

Cloud Computing

Irasys is amongst the most reliable service providers of CloudComputing in India. We built smart Cloud Computing infrastructure for all business enterprises to facilitate storage of data over remote servers that can be accessed viaInternet technology. Our automated Cloud Management services have optimum potential to provide high-tech computational facilities like on-demand storage (and access), software and video applications.


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Big Data Development& Services

We facilitate instant harnessing of data through advanced solutionslike Data Warehousing, Data Lake, Data Integration, Data Processing and ETL for Analytics.


Internet of Things & Services

Give a competitive edge to your business with our advanced IoT driven services that include IoT testing, IoT Integrations, IoT Extension and Data Analytics.


Blockchain Development

Get the best of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) with us. Ensure secured business transactions with ICO, Wallet Configuration, Crypto Exchange Development.


AI Development & Services

Power up business with our premium services including Chatbot development, Alexa App Development, Machine Learning, AI Consulting, Predictive Analysis and NLP.


Cloud Computing & Services

Enjoy cutting-edge Cloud computational facilities with our smart services like Cloud App Development, Cloud Migration, Cloud AI, Cloud Security and Cloud Management.

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About Us

Irasys in a top-shelf provider of all technological services. We focus on providing the best quality products and services. Our strength lies in customizing our services according to the need of each client. Our team of professional and experienced software developers is dedicated to developing world-class technological solutions. We offer services in Augmented Reality, Web Development, Application Development, Technology Consultation, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cross-Platform Applications, Magento, iOS App Development services in India and so on.



Our prime focus is to ensure your satisfaction with our work. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their needs better.



Our dedicated customer support services are available 24X7. We are always there to guide you through any issue.



Our work bears testimony to our expertise. With a team of the best in the field, we strive to develop and deliver the best services for all your needs.


We, at Irasys, aim at providing reliable, revolutionary and robust technology. Irasys caters to all the technological needs of your business venture, irrespective of the business domain. Our mission is to help you succeed in your journey.

100% Transparency

Our policy relies on open communication and 100% transparency with our clients, ensuring a seamless experience.

95% Ontime Delivery
On-time Delivery

We provide quality work for you within the stipulated deadline. No more delays and track records for our users.

Flexible Engagement

Our team constantly improvises and incorporates your suggestions, making the integration process extremely flexible.

24X7 Support
Customer Support

Our customer support system is dedicated to helping and resolving all your issues. We are just one tap away!