Our client, a service provider for supply chain management, required a centralized software where his staff or customers can book the shipmentsfor different carriers. Client was dealing with different carrier and their rate cards type. Different carriersrequired different information and had their own portal for creating shipment,also it was hard for them to always look on the rate card and then choose the best carrier available for shipment. Another problem which client was facing, was to update their customer with shipment tracking and inform them after POD.

Moreover,to generate new business leads, they keep sending the quotation and due to different carrier and their different rate cards It was a time consumingprocess for them to generate the quotation on hoc.

Web Based Solution

We provided them with aweb-based solution in which Admin user can define the entities like Customer,Staff, Rate Cards etc and manage them as well. Admin hasthe rights to provide access to different kind of users. Based on the access management customer and staff member can login into the system and manage their work.

We understood their main requirements were to

  • - Manage staff
  • - Manage customerswith chosen carriers
  • - Assign them staff for easy process flow
  • - Rate card management foe different carriers
  • - Margin management to any level
  • - Manage Fuel Surcharge and Exchange Rates
  • - Quick quote creator
  • - Create Shipments
  • - Manifest the shipments
  • - Manage Address Book
  • - Track shipment

Admin Functionality

  • - Manage Staff: Admin needs to define the staff members so these staff members can be allocated to the customers.
  • - Rate Cards: To manage the rate cards first admin needs to define the “Import” or “Export” rates and then provide the information, whether it is “Economy” or “Express” type of rate.
    • - Carrier Zones: Each carrier come up with their own zones. Admin can define the carrier zones into the system and assign the countries on their respective zones.
    • - Carrier Post Code Zone: To manage the specific country like UK, system distributes it in different postcode zones.
    • - Base Rate Card: Admin can set base rate cards for each carrier for their different categories. Carrier may have “Doc” and “Non Doc” as separate category and it may have only “Non Doc” categories. System will be handling all these conditions according to their carrier.
    • - Manage Customer: Shipments are created for the customer only, either it is created by staff member or by the customer himself. When admin define customer in the system,it is required toassign a staff member for that customer and then setup carrier with margin cost management.
    • - Fuel Surcharge & Exchange Rate: e included a module to calculate Fuel surcharge and Exchange rates in to add into the final cost
    • - Quotation: Quotation management system for staff to ease their work and improve productivity while submitting quotes for the customers.
    • - Create Shipment, Address Book & Manifest: Customer can create shipment using auniquely designed booking form. Booking form take values for different type of carriers. System then creates labels for selected carriers which are already customized and can be customized even more if required. Address book functionality can be used while creating a booking that saves a lot of time to input general data every time. All shipments can be created a manifest as per the logistics operations.


  • - Over 30 different logistics carrier’s integration
  • - Zip code integration to easy fid out of addresses worldwide
  • - Integration of HS code databases
  • - Payment Gateways Integration
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