Our client who is doing logistic business required asystem where they can provide end to end solution to their customers. Client’s customersare big exporter and our client was looking for a solution that can take care of the shipment from the point of pickupto final delivery.As client doing business globally so he also wanted a solution to provide the best cost to the customer to export in different countries. The major requirement was to provide best export cost to the customer and system must do it automatically.

Moreover, a shipment tracking system was also needed to that keep a record of the export from pickup point to final delivery.

Here are the pointsthat came up after detailed discussion with client about their requirement.

Web Based Solution

After weeks of brainstorming we concluded following points as main module of the solution we built

  • - Module to create customer’s own barcodes
  • - Best Cost Route module with remote area surcharge
  • - Shipment booking for with hub concept
  • - Address book module
  • - Manifest module
  • - Notification system
  • - Email scheduler
  • - Trackingmanagement
  • - Android application for scanner and mobiles

We built a web-based solution from scratchwhere Admin can setupunique account number for the customer. This account number is used to define the barcode. Admin can add base rate for each country and for each carrier and can allocate the carriers to their customer to define best cost route. Admin also have the provision to setup remote area information, so that the customer knows about the extra charges at the time of placing the booking.

Android App for Scanner and mobile devices

We also developed an android application to support tracking of shipment at every step. We developed the algorithm so that customer get the notification emails (Dispatched, Custom Clearance and Delivered)

Process Flow


Functionality Brief

  • - Manage Handheld/Mobile Users: Developed handheld/mobile application to get scanned details of shipment at each step. For managing different handheld devices, admin need to create mobile users into the system.
  • - Manage Customers: In the system, shipments are always created for customer. Customer can create shipment or a staff member on behalf of the customer can place the booking. Whenever a cutomer is created, a staff member also need to allocate. Every customer created will have a 3 digit unique code that also help creating the unique barcode for the customer
  • - Create Con: Android app pics up the shipment and clicks image that creates an image for staff user to process consignment.
  • - Booking Form: initiating “Create Con” process takes user to booking form to gather all the shipment related detail. User can enter “From”, “To”, parcel dimension and weight. Correctly fill all detail will lead user to select the carrier services and place the booking. Once booking is placed system generates labels.
  • - Create Bag: Having multiple shipment on hand, system allows user to create a bag using android application and generate bag labels for tracking at different levels.
  • - Create Manifest: Manifest module allows user to create shipments manifest before dispatching the bags from the warehouse. User can generate origin and destination manifests. While creating manifests system collects other information like MAWB and Flight Information.
  • - Handover to Final Mile Carrier: Here “Destination Manifest” barcode arescanned with bag barcode to make sure that manifested bags havereached at destination country. At this point system makes sure that bags are naded over to carriers of respected warehouses. This all get done with the help of android app.
  • - Notification: System provides notification on “Dispatched”, “Custom Clearance” and for “Delivered” status. Notification system is all customizable and everycustomer can register/un-register for these notifications.
  • - Best Cost Route: Admin can define per carrier per country rates. And system then sets best cost route for each customer after calculating the base rate and fuel surcharge of that month. Admin also have provision to define “Remote Area” for each country and setup the additional charges. Admin can define the “Remote Area” based on that country state or postcodes.

Important Integrations

  • - Over 30 logistics services integrated
  • - Payment gateways
  • - Zip code APIs
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