Our client required an online software to manage the warehouses at multiple geographical location along with stock management system. Warehouse management system was required to integrate with existing order management system that client was already using. To manage the warehouses and stock, client also needed an android application to run on android scanner as well as on android mobile. For this, they contacted Irasys and teamed up to commence the application development. We developed a complete solution from scratch that made it easier for the Client to manage the stock at multiple geographical locations. Our solution enabled them to quickly create a warehouse and define the inner architecture of number of shelf / rows / sections etc. The delivered warehouse management solution enabled them to self-generate the unique bar codes labels scalable by the android application. As of March 2019, all these services were delivered with the help a dedicated team of 5 members through full-time engagement model.

Business Requirements

Our client, a garment manufacturing unit had an existing order management system which was doing fine but the major problem they were facing was to manage the stock and the warehouses. Being a garment manufacturing unit, they had to manage the raw materials and stocks from their customers as well as their own. As they were getting multiple orders daily form their client’s sales representatives selling across the globe, they had to manage the raw stock and materials for each customer. Moreover, some of their customer wanted to use them as warehouse service provider. As per the business requirement there were two possibilities:

  • - Either the customer will ask them to provide warehouse services to keep his own stock and whenever an order comes, manufacturing unit will fetch out the raw stock / material from the exiting stock customer had or
  • - The manufacturing unit own the raw stock /materials for the any order that comes from the customer that do not own any raw stock / materials. Also, the client wanted an interface for each of the customer to look at the stock level and notify them when the stock reaches to a predefined range.

Some of their customers also wanted to use a service where they can allocate their stock to be used by others specially those who don’t own any stock or raw material with manufacturing unit.

Lastly, they wanted most of the process to be managed by android scanner or android mobile phone.

A web-based solution and Android app to offer warehouse and stock management

Integration with existing order management system: Our web-based solution is well integrated with client’s existing order management system. All order that come through their customer directly goes to warehouse and the warehouse staff then manages the order accordingly using the android scanner / mobile app.

Web based solution

Our web based solution is integrated with their existing order management system. Any order that comes thought their customer goes directly to the warehouse user and accordingly the warehouse user performs further action based on the order received. An email notification system tells warehouse manager what is next in the row and along with this, a job notification also goes to handheld device where the app is installed. Customer and their sales representative can use web application to keep a track of stock level. Customer can also allocate the stock he owns to any other customer.

The solution has been divided into various modules

Access control system: This module is for admins only so they can allocate required modules to the customers. Modules are allocated on role basis.

Users: To add/edit/delete any user for warehouse and stock management system

Warehouses: To add/edit/delete a warehouse. Admin and allocated user can only work with this module. Admin can create warehouse for any location and can allocate users to these warehouses.

Manage Warehouse: Warehouse manager can use this module to architect any warehouse. He can create as many rows he want and add number of shelves within it. Then for each shelf he can create number of rows and then sections for each row of a particular shelf. Each section then is automatically assigned a unique barcode that cab be scanned by the android application. Each unique section asks a pick location.

Stock management: Customer can add/edit stock and allocate the stock he owns to any other customer he wants to sell. Customer adds stock to the system and system take it as expected stock to be received from the customer to manage within the warehouse. When customer add stock into the system, our system notifies via email with attached receiving note to warehouse manager that stock has been added by a particular customer pending to be received on a particular date. System also sends email to print server and it prints the stock receiving note at warehouse.

Mobile application

Receive stock: For every stock added to our system generates a receiving note. Every receiving note contains a unique barcode on the top along with customer’s information who added the stock. Mobile user can scan the barcode once the stock reaches to warehouse that gives him information on number of pieces to be received against the particular receiving note. User starts receiving the stock by scanning the bar codes on the stock individually. If in case the received stock numbers do not matches with numbers mentioned on receiving note, our system sends a discrepancy email to customer and the admin and also keep a record of it to generate the reports later.

Manage stock into the warehouse: Once stock is received, mobile user can use the application to allocate stock items their unique section, that helps manage orders later on.

Pick up stock: As the order received from a particular customer, our system generates an order pick up note and send it to warehouse manager. Also print server prints this pickup order note into the warehouse. Application user then scans the barcode on the note and accordingly picks up the items mentioned into the pickup order note.

Reports: To generate different stock reports

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